v. dragged, drag•ging, n. adj.
1) to draw slowly and with effort; haul
2) to search with a drag, grapnel, or the like:
to drag a lake for a gun[/ex]
3) to smooth (land) with a drag or harrow
4) to introduce or insert:
He drags his war stories into every conversation[/ex]
5) to protract (something) tediously (often fol. by out):
They dragged the discussion out for three hours[/ex]
6) cmp to pull (a graphical image) from one place to another on a computer display screen, esp. by using a mouse
7) to be drawn or hauled along
8) to trail on the ground
9) to move heavily or slowly and with great effort
10) cvb to feel listless or move in such a manner (often fol. by around):
This heat has everyone dragging around[/ex]
11) to lag behind
12) cvb to take part in a drag race
13) to take a puff:
to drag on a cigarette[/ex]
14) naut. navig. any device for dragging the bottom of a body of water to recover or detect objects
15) agr. a heavy wooden or steel frame drawn over the ground to smooth it
16) a sledge for moving heavy objects
17) sts Slang. someone or something tedious; a bore
18) aer. the aerodynamic force exerted on an airfoil, airplane, or other aerodynamic body that tends to reduce its forward motion
19) mac a metal shoe that serves as a brake for wagon wheels
20) an act of dragging
21) slow, laborious procedure
22) something that retards progress
23) a puff on a cigarette, pipe, etc
24) cvb sl. clothing characteristically worn by the opposite sex:
to go to a dance in drag[/ex]
25) sts Slang. influence; clout
26) sts Slang. a girl or woman that one is escorting; date
27) sl. a dance, as at a high school or college
28) cvb inf
main drag
29) sl. associated with the opposite sex
Etymology: 1350–1400; ME; prob. < MLG dragge grapnel, draggen to dredge, der. of drag- draw drag′ger, n.

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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